Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blog A Day 'Til Baby (BADTB) Post 13: Glitter Be Gone

I promise you all out there if I ever bring you a gift that is covered in or includes glitter, you can buy my children the loudest, brightest most annoying toys out there in return.

In all seriousness--Do. Not. Bring. More. Glitter. Into. This. House.

We have a princess coloring book that is a "color wonder" product. What this means is that you can only use specific markers on the paper provided and these markers will not color on other paper or your bedspread, your kitchen table or your terribly inappropriate white couches. However, each piece of paper is also covered with what I can only describe as an excessive amount of glitter.

The Ladies of course love this craft.

They played with it in their room the other morning and since then I have found glitter on the Little Lady's eyebrows and in her diaper. The Lady, since she still runs around in just undies in the house, has it all over her belly and her legs. The bottom of both their feet look like a disco ball and since they love to spend so much time in my bed, my sheets are starting to sparkle.

Yesterday morning, my husband drove us down to my sisters to help us pack up the mini-van so we could get everyone out to LI. When I sat down in the passenger seat next to him and looked over at his face I couldn't believe the amount of glitter that was in his hair on on the side of his face. His ear was covered, he literally looked like he had been ear-fucked by a glitter fairy. That, or he had somehow made his way out to some all night rave. I had to check out the Little Lady's crib to make sure none of her pacifiers were missing (yes, I know she is almost two and still uses a paci, but it is only for naps and nighttime and right now I am not willing to try to wean her off when we will be introducing another person into her life.) Turns out they were all accounted for, and he had just been involved in some early morning craft time with the Ladies.

The vacuum has come out, but it doesn't seem to be able to get the whole job done. I am pretty sure that the new baby will be exposed to a glitter boob or two in the first few days of its life (that is if he or she finally decides to show up soon!)

Stay tuned and for the love of god do not bring us any glitter encrusted baby gifts!


  1. I love how mid-glitter rant (agreed, btw) you felt the need to justify the paci. :-) Freakin’ mom guilt! You are about to have 3 kids!! No judgment ever!!! (I almost said “3 girls!” Can't wait to find out) Now “Push it out, shove it out, way out!”

  2. I am trying to get over the paci guilt. The Lady was sans paci by 11 months, but her sister is a different story. We are gradually phasing them out as we "forget" them at other people's houses.

    This kid better come soon!