Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest Project One

I have to admit to being a bit anxious about committing to my little Pinterest Project. Sometimes, I type faster than my brain can comprehend things, which is why I have apparently given up chocolate for Lent and have vowed to turn all those pretty pins into a reality.

There really is nothing worse than staring at a half eaten bag of peanut M&Ms and knowing you will not get to finish them for 40 days. 

Anyway, I decided to go simple to start. No, I didn't just put iced coffee in ice cube trays and call it a day, although I will be buying a giant bag of Dunkies from Costco and starting that as soon as I transition back to daily iced coffees, but I figured I could do some of the practical or only slightly crafty projects first before I jump off the deep end into the Pinterest abyss.

Also, I wasn't sure of the timeline that I set up for myself. I know I said a project a week, but I wasn't sure if I was supposed to post something by the end of last week. . . really, I am just confusing myself, so below are a few projects.

The first one is my own version of this original pin:

Here is my version of the important dates in my life:

I am thinking of actually matting it so that there is a different layer between the text and the frame. Also, I might print it out on a cream colored paper, the white might be too bright. I chose to highlight our wedding date in red, because without it we wouldn't have the three dates beneath it. This was super easy to make, word processing site, color printer, frame from Target.

So, that leads me on to my next project, which isn't actually based on anything that I have pinned but rather a cross between some of the inspirational quotes I have seen and my desire to actually personalize my kids room.

Please note: None of these will actually hang on the wall in our current home because we just repainted it and are still hoping for a quick sell. Also, sorry, for the quality of the photos, I think it would have been easier to photograph if they were actually hanging up.

So for this project, I took some song lyrics that are meaningful to me and prettified them and then framed them. I used PowerPoint and I think they look pretty good. Might go back and add the name of the group or singer at the bottom, not sure yet.

"City of Blinding Lights" by U2. This was the song that was playing on my iPod when I held the Lady for the first time.

Ignore that little patch of dust behind the frame. Clearly, I didn't wipe the entire surface down. My wedding song.

For the Little Lady, who came out so fast, I have no recollection of what song was on in the background, but I do know she has beautiful brown eyes and she loves to dance. 

I didn't include the one I made for QT because it has his name on it, then I realized that was pretty ridiculous. His name starts with a Q. There aren't that many out there and most of them, if shortened, are actually pretty much the same, but whatever. I am sure you can figure it out.

As I type my crock pot is going full steam with this pin:

Will let you know how it turns out.

Also, I am constantly amazed at all the little things out there that are great for organizing. Since the Ladies go through about 100 rolls of toilet paper and paper towels a week (even more now that the Little Lady is potty training), we usually end up with a recycling bag stuffed with the tubes. However there are only so many things the Ladies can do with these things. Beyond hitting each other, yelling into or using as a musical instrument, there is also this great little idea--just cut the roll down the side and use to secure your wrapping paper. Super simple and easy to do.

I will admit that the Ladies and I spent entirely too much money and too much time in Michael's this weekend. I am not sure what I am going to do with the aerosol cans of magnetic paint and chalkboard paint, but I will figure it out.

Oh, and to the woman at Michael's who was locking up the all the aerosol cans behind a wire cabinet (I guess there is a lot of huffing of art supplies going on out there), it might not hurt for you to actually take a peek into that cabinet every once and a while, so that when, for example, a woman and her two daughters come up to you and ask if you carry the chalkboard aerosol spray and you say, without a moments hesitation, "No, we don't" and then that same woman says "What about that right there?" and points it out to you, you might not feel like such a jerk when you have to unlock that same cabinet and hand it over. Just sayin.



  2. Samantha, I try to add a little tenderness to the crazy that is my life. Thanks for reading!