Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Snow Day

I think the day after Super Bowl should be an official holiday.

If I lived anywhere else except the East Coast, I would have been in my bed by 9, instead of waiting for the interminable game to end, trying to be entertained by sub par commercials and realizing that I still had to get three kids home in their beds and ready for the next day. It just goes too late. And let's be honest, I am not NOT going to watch it, so I am forced to deal with the repercussions of being out late with the kids.

But then the phone rang this morning at 6 a.m. and that sweet robotic voice said those words we all long to hear "All schools will be cancelled today due to the weather."

And then I thought "Oh Punxsutawney Phil, you were right. You were so, so right."

And then I thought, snooze.

Luckily, I did come home last night and get everything organized for this morning. So even though I still had to get up and out the door to work, I was ready.

In fact, I didn't even see the kids this morning. Usually that would really bother me but today it was great. Not only did we not have to rouse three sleep-deprived children from their warm beds but I didn't have to feed, clothe or make breakfast for anyone.

Obviously, it took a few minutes to clean off the car and the roads were pretty slow going. I am not going to try and guess how long it will take me to get home this afternoon, but if this was an official holiday (as we all know it really should be) I would be home in my pjs snuggling with QT and trying to convince him that we didn't need to watch another episode of Team Umizoomi and reading with the Ladies and maybe, just maybe, taking a well deserved nap.

How did you spend your Super Bowl?

Hanging out with family and friends? Check.

Stuffing your face with wings and chips? Check.

Winning some of the Super Bowl pool? Check.


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