Friday, January 31, 2014

Dear Jo Frost

Dear Jo,

Can I call you Jo? I don't have to call you Supernanny do I?

Jo, have you forsaken me?

I remember those days, watching you on TV as I judged those other families.

What is so difficult about putting your kids in their own beds? Just don't give them anything else to drink. Close the door and walk out of the room.

Oh, Jo. I wish I had known that it wasn't that easy. I wish that I had known that the colorful chore charts only work for so long, that the tough love can take its toll when you've only seen your kids for two hours and all they want is you.

What is the harm of a 2-year-old eating Kix in your bed at 9:30 while watching a DVR'd Top Chef episode?

I need you back Jo, we need a little order in this household. Momma needs some quality time with the kids that doesn't include barking orders and trying to do laundry in the background.

We need more dance parties, more yoga moves in the living room, more reading for pleasure and less for reading log, we need more veggies and less Fruit by the Foot.

We need a little structure, a little support and a little more room in the house!

I know we can do it Jo, but it would be nice if you could just stop by, gaze at me with your piercing blue eyes, invite me into a warm hug against your ample bosom and whisper in your British accent that I am super too.




  1. Congrats on a great month and a SUPER finish! XO Feb?

  2. Replies
    1. Love your stalker nature. I need more readers like you! Thanks for all the love and support too! Probably won't be seeing a blog a day in Feb, but I am really aiming to post 2-3 a week. We will see.