Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Have to Post Something!

Well we have come to this. . . 

"Here's the thing we started out friends, it was good. . . "

Ok, ok it isn't quite so desperate as resorting to posting Kelly Clarkson lyrics, but I will tell you with all honesty not much happened today.

I did start my morning off naked and covered in a paper gown (and had no problem making it to that appointment on time). That was just a routine check at the dermatologist that was done so quickly and efficiently that I made it to work way earlier than I told them I would get there. 

That was followed by a lot of me thinking about writing something and then realizing that once you cross into that desperate phase of unimaginable boredom where you have exhausted the Internet and are just hoping for some sort of polar vortex/panda watch-sized news story to break that there is no creativity to be had.

Even the cops going to Bieber's house didn't help.

I ended my afternoon by sweating on strangers at hot yoga.


I forgot how hot it was and how badly it smells in there.

However, I was able to do a few poses more easily now that my boobs are smaller and I am so glad that I made it back.

Little victories. Until tomorrow. . . 

"It was good, but it was all pretend, yeah, yeah, since u been gone"

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