Sunday, January 26, 2014

Crazy for the Cereal

I almost had to cut a bitch tonight.

I finally got my ass to the grocery store and loaded up on General Mills cereals because it was the last day to take advantage of my coupon for extra Box Tops.

I got some Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the Little Lady because every morning she asks me to make her actual cinnamon toast and the cereal just seems easier, although it is a toss up on which one actually has any nutritional value.

Oh, you want to know about cutting the bitch?

I went to check out and pay and the cashier handed me my receipt, took the time to circle and tell me how many gas points I had earned, told me I earned two coupons, when clearly there were three things that got spit out from her machine and had the nerve to try and throw away.? Pocket? I can't be sure, my 25 bonus Box Tops (I know I had the opportunity to earn 40, but I can't imagine eating that much Honey Night Cheerios and I definitely didn't have a place to store them).

I mean WTF cashier lady? I had to say something, and by something I mean I mumbled something about Box Tops and said I needed them for school.

She gave me a slightly embarrassed smile and handed it over but I really think she was trying to put that sweet little something in her pocket.

Good thing I asserted myself. 

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