Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to School

The Little Lady has been out of school since December 12. The Lady got out on the 20th and even though both of them went back for a full four hours on Thursday before getting the next day off due to snow, we really haven't had to do the full morning routine in quite a while.

That is why it was so nice this morning to be kicked in the face with the reality that we are back to school after the break.

It was a grey and rainy morning and even though my kids were up by 7 or 7:15 most mornings of their vacation, they chose this morning to sleep in. That might have had to do with the fact that the Ladies got very little sleep the night before because they had a sleepover with their cousins and QT didn't nap at all over the weekend.

I will say it was very hard to pull myself out of my bed as well, because as QT says when he asks to be wrapped up in his blue blankie, it is "comfy cozy" and who doesn't like being comfy cozy?

I for one love it.

So does the Lady, who refused to get out of bed. So does the Little Lady and QT who made their way into my bed for some TV time and waffles.

It was so nice to be late for work over the school break knowing that it was my own dawdling and poor time management, rather than the fact that I was trying to dress the Lady in her bed, shout out that the share letter was J today and that the Little Lady should be bringing the jewelery that was on the table under the TV while at the same time trying to brew my own coffee as a money- and time-saving resolution to start off the new year.

While I am looking to give the kids a bit of structure and re-establish some routine, I am not looking forward to the morning battles, especially tomorrow when the polar vortex moves in and I am pretty sure none of us will want to get out of bed, let alone put on a thousand layers and hope we don't bite it in the driveway again.

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