Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Holy Guacamole

We had a couple ripe avocados that needed to be used so on Monday I made my husband some guacamole.

He ate it with some chips while watching TV in our bed. This is pretty standard practice.

Monday night rolls around, the kids are in bed and I am reading in our room.

Hubby: What is that? [points to a dark spot on the wall]
Me: I don't know, but you are getting it.
Hubby: It's guacamole.

Apparently, the Little Lady had also partaken in some guac and while dipping she also flicked the chip and the guac hit the wall.

Last night after I spent an hour and forty minutes trying to get home in a snowstorm and was trying to get organized in the kitchen, I get this:

Hubby: Do we only have two king sheets?
Me: Yes, I want to get new ones.
Hubby: Did you know that you slept with guacamole by your head?

WTF Little Lady? What was the situation unfolding in that bed and how is it that your father was clearly blind to the amount of guac left behind?

At least the sheets got changed.

School was cancelled this morning and I decided to head in a little late. After the ride home I had last night, I was in no rush to head out onto icy roads.

The Ladies set themselves up in the living room with a laundry list of demands that included cinnamon toast and strawberries and to each have a couch all to themselves.

QT, as per his norm (and perhaps taking a page from his father's book) set himself up in our bed for a little Zoomie time.

Hubby: Look at that pillow behind him.

I was thinking that maybe it was wet or had frozen or something because it was close to a window and it is freezing out.

Me: Is that guacamole?
Hubby: Yes.
Me: I thought you changed the sheets?
Hubby: I did.
Me: But you didn't change the pillow cases?

I am pretty sure I should outlaw eating in my room. I am actually unsure if that guac is still there right now. I didn't change the pillow case before I left and I am not 100% sure that my hubby did either.

On a related note, we are having tacos tonight. I know it isn't Tuesday but I have ripe avocados...


  1. I don't have guac on the walls but I do have soup in the keyboard . . .

    1. It is amazing what I find sometimes. The car is the worst!

  2. Cracking up! E was home sick this week and I let him watch tv and eat in my bed. I found Cheerios in the middle of the night and before I realized what I was doing, they were in my mouth! Gross!!

    1. I am always finding crumbs of something!