Thursday, January 16, 2014

On the Podium

Yesterday was the last day of the Ladies' gymnastics session. The parents were invited out on the floor to watch the class, and even though I totally forgot about that and arrived at my usual time, (about 10 minutes before the class ended, after totally cutting off an entire line of cars waiting at the light to turn) I did get a chance to get out and see the Ladies receive their report cards.

The Little Lady's class even got a medal.
The Little Lady at gymnastics

The Lady wasn't so happy that her class didn't. The Lady, as we all know, responds well to medals.

In fact, she spotted a box full of them on the side of the gym and gave me a look like "maybe, I should just take one" a thought that had also crossed my mind because I knew of the discord a one medal household might make, but I thought better of it for three reasons.

1. It was stealing
2. Sometimes you don't get a medal in life.
3. I would have to try to figure out where to put two medals instead of just one and have to doubly contemplate throwing them both in the garbage in about two months when I found them on the floor.

The Little Lady has decided to continue her gymnastics class, while the Lady has opted for swim. I am glad they are finding things that they enjoy and are doing so independently. Still waiting for QT to age out of the mommy and me classes so he can get some gym time as well. That kid loves to vault.

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  1. Glad they are finding physical activities that they enjoy and do well at.