Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blog Worthy

Today was a good day. 

Granted, I had to go to treatment, but that meant I didn't have to go to work. It also meant I had some uninterrupted time to finish my book. 

It meant 15 minutes in the car alone with the Lady, no radio, no DVD, on the way to school. Just chatting. 

It meant an extra hour with QT discussing all things Team Umi Zoomi. 

It meant picking up at the bus stop, getting to gymnastics on time and watching the Little Lady land a cartwheel then look up at me and wave. 

Sure, we got McDonalds for dinner (it was easy and on the way home) sure getting the kids in the bath is always a struggle (and yes, I will admit that 90% of the time my husband gives the tubs) and of course there were some stragglers to bed. 

But today was a good day. No rushing, time to be present. Totally blog worthy.