Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting Moving and Motivated and the Box Top Quandry

I just completed my first work out of the new year.

I realize that it is January 9, but we all saw what happened when I went out too hard and too fast with the Box Tops, I just want to ease my way back into things.

I will say I took the new boob out for a run and it held up well. I have big running goals this year but I don't want to claim them as a New Year resolution because that is too much pressure and I have had the same list of resolutions for like two years and none of them have happened.

Well, I did make some photo books of the kids along the way and I have tried to make this blog a bit better. The new graphics helped right?

I think I am just approaching this year with a different attitude, just trying to incorporate the things I can control and actual take a step or two towards some goals.


And speaking of Box Tops. . .

Thank you to all of you who sent some in Christmas cards or gave them to my mom to give to me.

I got this little beauty of a coupon the other day at the store. I think I can buy 6 or more boxes of cereal to earn 40 Box Tops.

But here is the question. Should I just save them all up until the last collection of the year and then bombard them with hundreds of tiny little cardboard pieces or should I try to submit them this go around and see how it turns out? I don't want to get burned again!

Let me know what you think.

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