Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Slim Pickings

I am thinking of just filling this blog post with the lyrics to Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" just because I have nothing else to write about and it has been playing in my head on repeat. (And now it will be playing in yours.) So good Kelly Clarkson. So good.

Of course, when that song comes on one can't but help think about "Pitch Perfect" in all its aca-awesomeness.

This is it today people. Slim pickings.

I could talk about the weather. It is cold.

I could talk about my morning battles with the kids--again.

I could talk about how the Little Lady once again found herself in my bed watching Harry Potter last night. I will say she wanted to know why "Malboy" was so mean.

I am convinced she doesn't hear things correctly. On Saturday, while watching Madagascar 3, she insisted that Marty is singing "Acro Circus" and not "Afro Circus." Not familiar with that particular ditty? Here it is for your listening pleasure. She then proceeded to sing the entire thing as "Acro Circus" because there is nothing she likes less than being wrong.

I think I am succumbing to the pressure of having to write these posts every day. Of course, I could drop out and just post occasionally, but there is something to be said for making the effort (as half-assed as today's is) and I am going to try to reach my blogging goal.

So here you are my lovely readers, a sub-par blog on a cold winter's day.

Here is to hoping QT swallows another penny. . .

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