Thursday, May 1, 2014

1/5 5 Photos of my Day

Ok, so in addition to posting on fb. I thought I would post my 5 photos in a day challenge pics here on the blog as well. I took a personal day yesterday to get some stuff done.

1. The Little Lady got to have a friend over and we took this one after dropping her off.

2.We then headed out to the doctor so that she could get a couple of shots so she was up to date and ready to enroll in kindergarten! Won't make the mistake of showing up to registration two shots short again!

3. Had to fit in a workout. I was able to find the time, but not necessarily the room as the three kids were super excited to get involved. The Little Lady was the only one who made it to the abs at the end.

4. Trains. Trains. Trains. Thank goodness QT doesn't actually make us watch Thomas the Train Engine. He is just content to set up the tracks and then leave them there while we all have to step around them.

5. I love to read. I hate reading for reading log. Sometimes knowing that we have to read just sucks some of the joy out of it. Couple that with the Rainbow Fairy collection of chapter books that we have started reading that lack a strong story arc and are all essentially the same, and you can see how  it sometimes becomes a tedious to-do at night. However, what is great is snuggling next to the Lady and spending some time with her.

Running a few errands in the rain
Waiting to get shots for kindergarten.
This was ridiculous. The kids were already bathed and mostly in pjs and yet took the time to work up a sweat. I promise I only stopped for like 5 seconds to take this pic!
QT loves his trains.
Reading yet another Rainbow Fairy book. I think we are on like book 100. Next up Scarlett the Garnet Fairy. Wish me luck tonight.

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