Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 2/5 Five Photos of my Day

Day 2/5: Work. Work. Work. Not very exciting, but I had a project to finish so I was busy, which is always good since it was still pretty crappy out yesterday morning. I didn't go outside at lunch so I was super psyched to pull out of the parking garage and see a beautiful afternoon.

I had to pick up some prescriptions at CVS and then I was headed to a quick meeting after work. Hey CVS? Any reason why when I refill my prescriptions online for pickup at 4:00 that I am still waiting 15 minutes for it to be filled when I get there at 5:15? Yeah, didn't think so. 
I still had some time before my meeting so I took a very quick 25 minute run to the beach and back. There is nothing better than some sand and sun. Also, the meeting was with a yoga instructor who is volunteering at the Komen CT walk next weekend, so it didn't matter if I looked like a sweaty mess, which I did, but it was well worth it. 
Ahh, Costco. . . 4 gallons of milk is about average per visit. It is scary when only three out of five of us actually drink milk. Oh well. I picked up some milk, bread and some new undies for QT (they had Mike and Sully on them!) and headed out. 
Lady in front of me fishing your receipt out of your pocket (your pocket? This is Costco, you buy the stuff, you keep the receipt in your hand so you can hand it to the checker guy on the way out) while eating a churro and holding a speaker phone conversation, while trying to pull your very full cart with one hand. DO NOT STOP in front of the exit. I will hit you with my cart!

Finally, home. Three kids in the tub is a good thing to walk into. The chaos that follows is not. Let's just say they all eventually went to bed. 

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