Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Little Lady Graduates!

I can't believe I am sending another kid to kindergarten.

Today was the Little Lady's moving up ceremony at pre-school.

She woke up, got dressed fancy, applied a little lipstick on the way out the door (her father and I nixed the need for coverup!) and then there she was singing and dancing along with her class until they called her name to cross the bridge.

The best thing about the graduation ceremony at their school is that the teacher says something special about each child as they walk over the bridge. It is incredibly sweet and may have caused a tear or two.

The popsicle reception that followed was just an opportunity to have one last chance to run around with her friends. It was a beautiful day and she deserved it.

Here are some pics of the Little Lady!

Ready for the last day!

Crossing the bridge

Hangin' with her friends

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