Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Biggest Loser and Other Updates

So now it is down to four. Vicky actually had a chance to redeem herself in my eyes by actually being as bitchy as she really is. Had she voted for Ed she would have given herself a greater chance of actually winning the whole thing. I guess her commitment to her team says something about her but I am not buying one bit of the softer side of Vicky we saw last night on the program. I think she realizes that it might come down to America voting and if she is below the yellow line--we are not voting for her. I came across an article on Yahoo yesterday about Vicky, which pretty much said the same thing I have been saying since the beginning--that she is a lying, petty, selfish human being. I also think she looked really weird with all that makeup on last night. Talk about too much foundation!

Last night's episode wasn't that exciting. How many times could we watch Tyra "surprise" each contestant with their family member? Although, the visual of Christian Soriano being lifted up by Heba was priceless. That guy weighs like 87.5 pounds soaking wet so it was kind of funny to see him enveloped by a whole lot a woman.

I was sad to see Renee go. I am glad she and Michelle were able to reconnect. I am looking forward to next week. Hopefully, Michelle will stick around she is my pick to win it all.

Run. Run. Run.

So I met my goal. I am hoping that the running will continue and I will be able to run farther and faster.

Novel Writing

I didn't meet the November 30th goal of 50,000 words, but apparently December is National Finish Your Novel Month so I am going to try and take the opportunity to finish the first draft by the end of the month. It seems to be a more attainable goal. I will let you know.

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