Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Sorry for the delay. . . let's get right to it.

Ed, you blew it. Why would you possibly try to throw the weigh in? I get that you are some sort of cuckolded husband, but had you put up a big number and pushed Vicky below the yellow line then America would be voting between her and Heba. And Heba as we all know is the lesser of two evils. So now, the two biggest people left are below the yellow line and we have to listen to you act all selfless and tell everyone to vote for Heba, while we listen to Heba basically use you as a doormat and tout herself. Why Ed? Why?

Having said that I hope Michele wipes the floor with all of them. I hope Vicky takes her smug ass back to Louisiana and gorges on andouille sausage and po' boys and I hope that Ed gets voted into the final and Heba cries in the corner. I also hope that Coleen comes back with the biggest weight loss of those voted off and wins the money.

I will be tuned into the final on Tuesday and until then I will pray that Vicky pulls a hammy.

1 comment:

  1. Vicky is H-O-T-T hot! She has worked the hardest and complained the least this year. She is the classic 'girl next door' and i'd like to sop that up with a buscuit. yummers.