Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Biggest Loser Finale!

Finally! After all the time I have spent watching and writing about the Biggest Loser we have a winner.

Congratulations Michelle! Not only am I super excited it was you and not one of the axis of evil players, but you look fantastic and your transformation was both physical and emotional. Also, your mom looks super hot!

I mean my jaw was just dropping every time another group of players came out. Hello--Phil and Amy! I think Shellay might have been sewn into that dress and her daughter Amy looked amazing. It was so crazy to see how they looked when they got onto the ranch and to see them today. This is why I love the Biggest Loser--the change that happens to people is just insane and you can see them feeling and acting more confident. Check out this link for all the pics of the contestants now.

I will admit to feeling really anxious about the final. When Heba and Ed walked out at the beginning of the show I was shocked. We all know I am not a Heba fan, but she looked great. However, what would have looked more amazing is if she actually wore a bra that supported her rather than just let the ladies hang. She did the same thing in the dress she wore home at the end of the last episode. Heba--when you lose that much weight there is a lot of extra skin and your boobs lose elasticity, please stop by Victoria's Secret, I promise she can help you out.

I loved the fact that Ed got voted into the final by an overwhelming landslide. I think people figured out that he is probably a pretty good guy and deserved to have something for himself. I was kind of annoyed that Heba won the hundred grand I was so hoping it would have been Amy and she could have just proudly rubbed the blue teams face in it. Oh well.

So my two favorite moments on the show were when Jerry came out and when Vicky almost busted her ass walking across the stage. What karma that would have been. I was also glad to see her miss out on beating Ed by one pound. One teeny little pound. Oh Vicky maybe if you hadn't ignored your kids for the three months you were home maybe a higher power could have graced you with that extra pound. Even though she does look good (and I still weigh less then her!) I feel like her obsession with the game play kind of came back and bit her in the ass and I am totally fine with that.

I think that the person who deserved it most won and I am happy for Michelle. Thanks for reading these updates. Only a few short weeks until the new season starts. Did you see that ginormous 19 year old guy? This is going to be good!

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