Monday, December 15, 2008

Keeping It Together

You may be wondering what the Lady and I have been up to this week.

Here is a small recap.

Wednesday: The Lady took a bath in the cat's water bowl at my parents house.

Thursday: The Lady went to bed at 7:40 because I had a condo meeting at the house and she insisted on coloring all over the papers with a pen. The condo meeting lasted 2.5 hours, twenty minutes of which was spent discussing The Biggest Loser

Friday: We visited the Wild Man for dinner. The two of them played great together, although the Lady was constantly trying to make her way upstairs to look under the bed for the cat. The amount of meowing that happens in this house is incredible.

Saturday: The Lady pooped in the tub and the hot water went out before I could rinse her and the shampoo out of her hair. We had to wait 15 minutes for the water to get hot again and I ended up rinsing her hair with a wet face cloth while she screamed. We also had six kids in our house (which is super small) all under age three. The Lady found a peanut M&M on the floor and I had to fish it out of her mouth with my fingers. Then we went to a Christmas party, where she and her cousin were very, very good and the Lady was super excited to find him the next morning in her room.

Sunday: The Lady and I went to Brooklyn. We had a great time with our "boyfriend" and were very glad we finally got to meet up.

Monday: The Lady and I have no plans. She is finally down for a nap, although I can still hear her talking. I am hoping to finish the afternoon off by running errands and showering.

Three more nights until the backup returns home. If he complains of "exhaustion" I might suffocate him during his nap.


  1. ...and i thought my life sucked...LOVE YA!!

  2. You know that he is going to complain that he is tired- it is rough taking a couple of extra days on the end of the trip to play some rounds at Pebble.