Friday, December 5, 2008

Stuck in the House and You're to Blame. . .

Darlin' the Lady and I are going insane. . . I always like to start the morning off right with a little Bon Jovi.

So the hubby is gone for the next two weeks. The walls are starting to close in on me already. In all honesty our days will be pretty much the same. I am, however, dreading the 3:30-6 o'clock hours. This is when the Lady turns into some sort of whine machine that is forever clinging to my legs and opening the snack drawer and demanding cookies. I have decided to make as many plans during the day as I can. I will probably get some Christmas shopping done and might spend a night or two at Grandma's, but nothing will really replace the addition of another body in the house, someone who can supervise while I pee.

I am hoping to get a shower in everyday but am not very optimistic. I will use a lot of deodorant and take advantage of nap time. I will also take advantage of every friend, family member and Department Store Santa to fill our time up and keep us occupied. Wish me luck.

Gotta go, the Lady is pantsless and blowing her nose on a dish towel.


  1. Two weeks? That boy has brass. I am fairly certain if i was gone this long i would get a loaded diaper smashed in my face upon returning.

  2. I am thinking of leaving all the dirty diapers in a plastic bag in his car.

  3. You are always welcome to come and play with the Wild Man. If you need a break you can even leave the Lady with us.

    Dirty diapers in his golf bag would be better- get him where it will hurt.

  4. Two days is not a good situation, let alone two weeks - I feel for you.
    Wish we lived closer, we'd love to help entertain/distract for a bit.