Thursday, August 13, 2009

And We Are Still Waiting. . .

I don't want to be one of those complaining pregnant ladies who feel that they have such a huge burden to bear. I just really want to meet this kid.

Granted, being 6 days overdue isn't great, but it isn't so terrible that the Lady and I haven't been out and about this last week trying to spend some QT together and getting things organized.

We got a chance to see my brother and sister-in-law's new house that they just bought, visit a sprinkler park, play with the Wild Man, and bake a cake together. We also hit up a few daycare centers to see what they have to offer us in terms of part time availability when I go back to work mid-September. (Remind me to blog about this after the baby comes--I can't believe some of the pricing that is out there!!!)

The Lady has also learned all about traffic signals this week and likes to shout out that a stop sign is red and is an octagon, this I think is better than shouting "fuck you doing" from the backseat.

So overall, we have spent these past six days living our lives and waiting very, very, patiently for this new little one to arrive.

However, in the next half-hour I will be calling the hospital and seeing if they can take me tonight for a scheduled induction. Do I feel like this is a cop out? No. Do I feel justified in making this decision? Yes, because this time around I really do have a reason to be induced. This kid is late and is getting bigger by the minute. I am predicting it weighs between 8.5 and 9lbs. It has to at this point it has been cooking for a while now.

I am going to try not to post every tiny detail on facebook, or twitter my way through delivery like this woman did, but I feel it is important that my family and friends are involved, because they too have been waiting along with me.

So, hopefully to the hospital we will go this evening and hopefully, I will be able to share with you all some good news at some point tomorrow.

BTW. . . if the hospital can't take me tonight, be prepared for an obscenity laced tirade in about an hour on this blog. I can only be so Zen for so long. . .

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