Saturday, August 22, 2009

Note to Self

This is a note to myself if we decide to have another baby sometime in the future.

Dear Bean,

Don't forget:

Labor hurts.

Random people you have never met and will never see again will see you naked and at times put their fingers inside you.

The epidural can never come early enough.

Be prepared to watch someone sew up your vag, while your new baby is getting weighed and measured.

Ice packs in surgical gloves can be your best friend.

Someone will come in every four hours with the drugs and to check your stitches.

A very cheery nurse will wake you up one morning saying "I have to check your bottom," this means she will be looking at your ass.

Your boobs will be chaffed. very chaffed, get the nipple guards in advance.

The squirt bottle will become your best friend.

Two words: stool softener.

Please remember,

You did this before, you can do it again.

The lack of sleep and general delirium will eventually wear off.

Your husband can actually do dishes, laundry and change the baby, remind him of this down the road when you are back to doing it all, but don't forget to tell him how much you appreciate it now.

Having friends and family around is great, rely on them as much as you can, but take some time for yourself and to just hang out with the babes.

Throw away your old nursing bra, it is gross and milk stained and you can afford to buy a few new ones.

That a 2 year old yelling "baby awake?" in the infants face three to four hundred times a day is much better than her hitting, rocking or squeezing too hard.

Getting out of the house is going to be pretty hard at first. No more throwing a diaper in your purse and heading out down the stairs.

Napping is not going to happen.

That this little life is in your hands and that everything you had to endure for the baby to arrive is well worth it, even if you haven't slept in what feels like days.

And finally, you can love another baby as much as the first, even if you have to let her cry a little more because the Lady need to be changed, read a book, do a puzzle, eat lunch, take a nap, or wants to run, run, run, really fast around the house.


Your delirious, sleep-deprived, haven't showered in two days self.

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  1. All true - but I think the notes towards the top are the ones you are suppossed to forget so you will have another baby someday in the future!!