Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Final Countdown

Okay, I have scrubbed the bathrooms, cleaned out the Lady's room, sanitized the breast pump and all its corresponding parts. I have dusted vents, Oxy-cleaned all the couches (have you tried this Oxy clean? It works great, especially on our 5-year old white couches--impractical you say for two children in a 1300 square foot condo? Possibly, but now that Billy Mayes has passed away, I feel it my duty to plug this product!)

I have cleaned the baby swing, washed some onesies, packed my bag for the hospital, packed the Lady's bag for her stay with my brother, we have rearranged our bedroom furniture to accommodate the pack and play and have set up the bassinet downstairs. The bassinet, that the Lady has thrown all of her stuffed animals in, pushed around the room and dumped her bag of barrettes into--this should be a good time.

We are going to the hospital today for the sibling tour so the Lady gets a sense of where I will be for a couple of days and we found the car seat for the baby. I am blogging, updating our banking, and making sure we have food in the house for when we get home from the hospital. The question I have is WHERE IS MY BABY? It seems like it is very content still inside me. I am pretty sure it hasn't dropped too much in the last few days because I can still feel it kicking me in the same spot on the side of my stomach. I thought nesting and cleaning were a sign that the baby was on its way? Lies, I say. Lies. All those old wives tales about carrying the baby, eating pineapple to induce labor. Lies. I have been eating spicy gazpacho for a week. I have avoided trying sex to speed things up, but if the doctor tells me tomorrow that nothing is happening, I will sit my husband down and tell him that it is his duty to get things moving, even though he thinks that the baby should come at its own natural pace. I think the natural pace can be sped up just a bit!

Last night I was up from two to four thirty with what I thought were contractions. They could have been, or they could have been gas, but either way, I woke up this morning still feeling like a bloated, water retaining pregnant lady and faced the real possibility that this kid will not be arriving early, but that I might have to wait another week.

I know my due date isn't until Friday, but I have mentally prepared myself, I have physically cleaned this house and I have hopefully emotionally prepared the Lady. I know it is selfish, but I really want my hands and feet to stop being swollen, I want my back to stop hurting, and I want to meet this little person, who is going to quickly become an integral part of our family.

Updates to come!

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