Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can't a Girl Get a Comment? There's Something in it for You!

I am a little disappointed in you my dear readers. Last week I blogged about my Shutterfly photo book experience and let you know that the first three readers to comment would be given a 10% off code to put towards their next Shutterfly order. All you had to do was leave one little comment.

What does a girl have to do to get some comments on this blog?

I guess I have to do another Shutterfly giveaway!

Not only will the first three comments still get you the 10% off code (good until November 3), anyone who comments will be placed in a drawing to receive 10 FREE 5x7 stationary cards! (S&H not included) There will be three winners chosen. As you budget conscious people and money saving moms out there know,  FREE is a great word to see.

So, we will try again.

"These are memories people!"

Anyone who can tell me the movie that quote came from, won't get anything extra, but will win a special place in my heart.

Look for the posting later today about Shutterfly stationary and leave me a comment. No need to wax poetic about your photography skills or what photo projects you are working on, just leave a quick note to say hi. I will be looking forward to it.

love and kisses,



  1. I don't know what movie the quote is from, but I will comment anyway. Plus, once you share your albums with me I will be ordering some pics from Shutterfly so I can always use a coupon.

  2. I appreciate the comment, but in order to be eligible for the free stuff, you have to comment on the post about the Shutterfly stationary, which would be up by now if the Little Lady wasn't crawling all over me and trying to type. Check back soon, she is heading to the bathroom. . .

  3. Bean, I beg ppl to comment on my blog all the time and they rarely do. i dont get it. it takes 2 seconds! grr! i hate people SO MUCH!!! they dont know what it takes to create awesome original blogs like ours. they think genius just flows from our brains like water from a faucet and they take it for granted! btw, did the Little Lady drop a D???? (from ur comment to sheil)

  4. Thank you for commenting "Plan B" look for some reciprocity on your own page soon.

    NO, the Little Lady did not drop a D. She just loves to flush the toilet and play in it. It is ridiculous the amount of times I find her in there.

    Thanks for reading!