Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pre-Preschool Prep

I am still counting down the days until the Lady actually starts pre-school.

Today we went to a playground playdate to meet the other kids in the am 3's class. Turns out that there are three am classes, based on when you were born in the year.

It also turns out that even though the Lady was "buddied" up with two girls--one of them we already had a playdate with, and who the Lady played with exclusively this morning--that said "buddies" aren't actually in her class. Apparently the Lady is in the middle 3's class and these girls are in the younger 3's class, even though their birthday's are within a few days/weeks of each other.

Ugh. At least I met two moms and they will be going to some of the same things as I am, like tonight's Parent Orientation. I don't want to go alone. Had my husband not gotten home last night at 1:30 am from California, I would have made him come with me. Or had his late night been due to Fantasy Football, like it was last week--I would have insisted. But I think he might have the harder time putting the Ladies to bed, than I will nodding politely and touring a nursery school.

BTW. . . I think I was the fattest mom at the playground. Good thing I have started running again. Every little mile will help.

So, to recap:

This morning: Playground playdate
Tonight: Parent Orientation
Tomorrow morning: Playdate with our two "buddies" who will not even be in our class
Monday morning: Meet the teacher, tour the classroom for an hour
Tuesday morning: Finally. Finally. Finally--the first day of school.

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