Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shutterfly Giveaway: Stationary

I used Shutterfly this year for the birthday invitations to both the Ladies parties and was really pleased. For the Little Lady, I did a collage of photos from her first year. For the Lady, well, it was a Princess Party, so I used one of their princess-themed invites. In both cases the result was great.

I also created a thank you card for the Little Lady. Again, super cute, mostly due to the awww factor of the Little Lady, but also because of the great selection of thank you cards that could be personalized any way I wanted.

I'm planning on doing a thank you for the Lady too, it's just a matter of choosing which photos I want to include. I am certainly including one of her big cake smile.

I know this might sound ridiculous, but I already have four different versions of our Christmas photo cards saved. I haven't decided which to use mostly because I was waiting to see if we would take another family portrait--the one we took in Disney is great of the Ladies and my hubby, but I have a double chin and look crazed--or if I would just use photos of the Ladies from the last couple of months. All versions are waiting in my saved projects, too many great designs to choose from!

The Holiday designs are definitely worth seeing. From Halloween invitations through the craziest of December's there is something for everyone. Plus, Shutterfly usually runs great deals including discount codes and free shipping.

Don't forget to leave a comment. The first three comments will receive a 10% off coupon for their entire order (until November 3rd) and all comments will be entered to win a giveaway of 10 FREE 5x7 flat stationary cards (until December 31) provided by Shutterfly. Winners will be announced soon!


  1. I did love the thank you from the Little Lady! I am also jealous that you have an idea of what your Christmas card picture will look like - 4 saved?!! I will be lucky to sweat it out when taking a million pics. and come out with one that is semi- decent and hopefully in time for Christmas!

  2. I am sorry that I haven't commented until now- I really LOVE your blog- you crack me up. The only thing that prevented me from commenting in the past was that I didn't have a google acct, well thanks to you, now I do, and I will be sure to comment more often. BTW, very jealous about the Christmas hopeful pics. My son RAN out of the Penny's studio when I attempted his 2 yo pics in July.. I'm with Kristen- will be sweating in December!

  3. In order for me to do a Photo Christmas card I need The Bean and the Bear to take some family shots (none of which will turn out well- not because of the quality of the pictures,but because I cannot take a decent photo & I always have my eyes closed). Kristen, maybe Bean can take a trip down to see you and take some pictures for you.

  4. I would love to take advantage of this generous offer but I plan on being dead by Christmas.

  5. You are on Christmas cards? Elan is 7 weeks old and I can't get a birth announcment out! I think Aidan's was sent when he was like 3 weeks old. Poor neglected 2nd child. :-) LOVE your blog Beaner!