Thursday, September 23, 2010

So the Second Child

The Little Lady is a force to be reckoned with. She is very clear about her wants and needs, has no problems grabbing a toy from a hand, throwing her body around like a weapon and clearly articulating who she wants to come and get her--Mom! Momma! Mommy! (Although, I will admit that I think she uses a combination of these words in reference to any adult including my husband, my sister, my mother and our sitter.)

She also is a bit more active then her older sister and a bit more of a risk taker.

Sure, Little Lady, stand up in the middle of the couch and throw your body backwards, I am sure you won't fall. Climb up into your sister's booster seat (when she is taking a nap or otherwise out of the room) sit in it and demand all her toys (can you say porcelain tea set and washable markers?) with a point of your finger and a high-pitch grunt.

I am imagining stitches with this kid. A lot of stitches.

In the last two days she has:

  • Fallen off the bed (totally my fault)

  • Gotten a bloody nose (not my fault) and then proceeded to crawl all over my white down comforter with said bloody nose (probably my fault)
  • Climbed naked on the couch and peed (I should have been quicker with the diaper, but wanted to get her off the white comforter in my room after said bloody nose incident, so decided to move her to the white couch. She is just so darn quick! Thank goodness for big pillows)

  • Flushed the toilet in the range of 15-25 times while I am trying to do other things (in my defense our bathroom door doesn't shut properly and it is easy to get into)

  • Removed a steak knife from the dishwasher while I was trying to empty it (note to self, remove silverware from dishwasher first. . .)

  • Eaten a K-cup of coffee grounds

Yes, a K-cup as seen above. She and her sister were playing with the bowls and Tupperware in the cabinets, which I do allow as long as nothing is breakable, and they happened upon a Ziploc baggie of Colombian Fair Trade Select K-cups, The Lady opened it to use the cups as wheels in the "car" she was making out of bowls and Kitchen-Aid Mixer parts and the Little Lady took a cup bit into it, then continued to bite into it. She didn't actually ingest a lot as far as I could tell, I was pretty quick to address the situation, but what was so interesting about it was that she didn't seem to have a problem with the grounds in her mouth or the taste.

Let's be honest here, the last thing this kid needs is caffeine, she will have one leg over the gate and be sliding down the bannister's soon!

Oh, Little Lady. . .

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