Thursday, September 16, 2010

A few things. . .

Belated B-Day Wishes

I feel like this week is going by incredibly slow, even though we have been super busy and trying to keep on a schedule.

I didn't want the week to end without giving some (belated) birthday wishes to two recently-turned-3-year-old's!

Last weekend was the Big 3 for the Bunny and the Littlest Lady (who is now a Southern Belle). Happy! Happy! to you both. We hope you both had a great day.

TV Time

The new fall season is starting up and I am in a bit of a panic mode. Will I have time to watch anything? The last few weeks have been jam packed and quite honestly, the Ladies haven't been that great about bedtime. Well, let me clarify that, the Lady hasn't been that great about bedtime, which has in turn woken up the the Little Lady more than once. I am finding that by the time I get a chance to sit down and relax it is usually almost 10 o'clock.

I have great faith in my dual room-records up to three shows at a time-DVR. I just have to figure out the line up and settle in for some much needed TV-time. Oh, Bones. . .how I have missed you.

Run. Run. Run.

I am happy to report that my return to running is going pretty well. I am working up to longer runs (but still am painfully slow) and have signed up for a 10k in October. I am trying to set little goals each week, and although the scale hasn't changed much, my clothes are fitting a bit better.  

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