Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shutterfly Savings and Super Cute Photo Books

It is no secret that I love to take photos. Most of you readers have seen pics of the Ladies over the last two years from their first day. . .

The Little Lady

to their first day of school. . .

The Lady

I try to be quick to post these pics, either on facebook or on the blog. I also try to share as many photos as I can with friends and family. As much as I enjoy about having a physical photo in my hand, I have noticed that as I take more and more pics they aren't displayed or looked at as frequently as I might like.

In the past year I have used Shutterfly to create not only a family share site, which sends out a monthly (or weekly--depending on your settings) e-mail to friends and family with a link to my own web page of photos, but have also transitioned from just ordering prints to ordering photo books

I have to say that the photo book I made this summer with the pics from the beach house turned out amazing. I picked the best photos of all the kids and combined them into one beautiful book. I made a copy to leave at the beach house and am hoping that this will be the first of many books that chronicle the adventures of the Ladies and their cousins over the next 10 or 15 or 20 summers.

I also made a photo book for my in-laws (and a copy for us) with all our Disney photos. The best part about it is that Shutterfly is pretty good about running deals and I got two photo books (with 50 extra pages) that would have retailed for $94 each for $103--TOTAL!!

If you are quick you can still use their free shipping code SHIP30 and the code BOOK29 (which ends tomorrow) to put towards a photo book. What is even better is that you can use their Simple Path photo book maker and the book is basically put together for you. Plus all their photo books are 30% off right now.

I know that most people probably don't get as excited over photo books as I do, but to the first three readers who comment about what their next photo book will be about I will send you a code for 10% off your next Shutterfly purchase through November 3rd.

Happy Photo Taking!

love, Bean

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  1. i love your photo books and have one of my own created by you..i don't even have kids yet and can't muster up the energy to sit and create one...cheers to you*