Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And Then She Said. . .

When I started this blog, it was to help me find balance in the madness that is sometimes my life.

Looking back on my last post, I started thinking about all the things the Lady does that make my everyday life a little bit more difficult than necessary.

But I also have to remember that even though we sometimes battle, there are those other moments when she says or does something so funny or unexpected that it takes my breath away. It amazes me sometimes about how someone so small can influence me so much.

Sometimes I have to laugh even though I probably shouldn't. Like the day the little Lady had an unfortunate encounter with the poo foot. The encounter between me and the Lady went something like this:

Me: The Little Lady has poo foot.

The Lady: Poo foot? Oh--that sucks.

After turning away and laughing into my shoulder, I did tell her that she shouldn't say that word.

The Lady: Oh, Daddy shouldn't say it.

Sometimes she just gets so excited it is hard not to get caught up in her enthusiasm. This weekend we left the ladies with my parents and my husband and I did a few things around the house and got to spend a little time together. We put together her toddler bed, as we had been promising her. When she got home and saw it not only was she super excited about her "big-girl bed" but ran out of her room exclaiming "I got a new kitchen!" We had in the process of putting the bed together, rearranged the room. The "new" kitchen, was actually her old kitchen in a new place. If wish I had known how excited she would be, I could have been putting her old toys in new places for months now.

Sometimes the Lady just makes me love her more and more. Like when she is sitting in her carseat after a particularly long and napless day, when the Little Lady is screaming and I am stressing out so much, I can feel the cortisone pumping through my body and creating belly fat on my body as I drive, and then I hear her little voice in the backseat, very softly saying, "It's okay, little lady," over and over. I would take one hundred thousand mornings of "pants wrestling" for just one of those.

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