Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grossed Out

I went home at lunch today. The Ladies were out, so I had the house to myself for a few minutes, which is always nice and super rare.

On my way back to work, I dragged the garbage bin back into the garage and I saw a snake! It was just laying there inside the door area. I could only see the back end, but I totally freaked out. I hate snakes. I repeat. I hate snakes.

Now, the Ladies were out in the carriage and I couldn't bear the thought that the Lady might see this snake, or might be running around in the garage and come upon it, so I did the only thing I could think of and called my husband.

He agreed to come home and take a look at it. I was already on my way back to work, so I was praying that he could remedy the situation. When he called me about 10 minutes later, he could not find the snake. I don't know what is worse, seeing a snake in your garage--or knowing that there was a snake in your garage and now you can't find it!

Anyway, with a little direction and some banging on the wall, my husband did see it. He wasn't as concerned about its size as I was, and I haven't heard how he disposed of it yet, but I am praying it was in a humane--yet permanent way.

Yuck! I am still freaking out about it. It totally gives me the chills. I can handle a lot of things, poop in the tub, screaming children in the middle of the grocery store, blood, 5-mile runs, and fantasy football, but snakes--EWWWWWW! Gross.


  1. You are so used to seeing such a tiny little inchworm in your husbands pants, i can only imagine how frightful it is to see a regular snake!

  2. You know I was going to make a size doesn't matter comment, but I took the high road, why do you always make me second guess myself Steadman?