Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Biggest Loser and Other Updates

I only got to see the last hour of the BL. We did some rearranging in our bedroom, and forgot to plug the TiVo back in so I missed out on a few shows this week.

Anyway, I like the second hour better, but I did miss the makeovers.

Oh, I did see that Shay was on the Leno show, so at least we know she didn't totally balloon back up again, and as of that taping--she also wasn't super small. I am looking forward to seeing her on the finale.

As I am writing this, I hardly remember anything else that happened. See my previous post for possible reasons!

I do recall that Allan was taken aside by Bob because he should be winning more challenges. It was interesting to see that he is playing the game a little. I don't think he will win the BL, because he doesn't have as much weight to lose as Danny and Rudy, but I think he will be one contestant who might be able to keep the weight off.

I also remember the interaction between Jillian and Rudy. Jillian does get all psychological on people, and for emotional eaters to connect the reasoning behind their behavior, it is important, but sometimes it just seems weird. I mean she was all pissed off that he never told her his sister died when she was younger. I mean, that isn't something I would be coming out and advertising either, especially on national TV. It just seemed a little forced--however, Rudy is putting up some big numbers so maybe pinpointing this event in his life as the start of his overeating will help him in the long term to keep the weight off.

Now to the weigh-in. The contestants are dwindling and I like most of them so at this point I am always disappointed to see someone go. However, if I had to pick someone to leave, Rebecca would have been my choice too. She is a strong competitor, but she cries entirely too much and is a little high-maintenance. I thought the Rudy reasoning for kicking her off was kind of bogus, but whatever. I think he just wanted to have something concrete to say so that it seemed like he actually thought about it.

I will say that Rebecca looks amazing now. That footage of her running the half-marathon was actually inspiring to me (although she was also crying through that as well).

But now for the big news. This link was given to me by my sister so I have to credit her. Check it out

Daniel and Rebecca are dating!!! Remember when he left the show and he said he couldn't wait to introduce America to his girlfriend? Well Rebecca is his girlfriend. That is two love connections for this season. Hmmm. . . we will see how this long distance/weight loss love develops.

I can't believe the season is winding down so quickly!

Other Updates

I am picking up my race stuff next week and am all set to run in the Turkey Trot. I have been trying to run consistently this week and this weekend I am planning to run part of the race course. I am hoping adrenaline and the fact that I am running with someone who can push me will help account for the lack of training I have had this year as compared with last. I might puke, but I am going to finish.

I have fallen off the journaling a little and am re-starting today. I had to wear maternity pants last night to an event, because my black pants don't quite fit yet. I will say that the top I was wearing was a medium and someone said my face looked thinner, but until I can button those pants around my belly, I haven't quite reached my goals.

I did however, find a pair of really cute black flats in my closet that I forgot I had. It was like getting a new pair of shoes without paying for them!!!

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