Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Biggest Loser

They knocked off two last week!! As it turns out team Orange went home, Daniel for falling below the dreaded red line and Shay for being the biggest threat, even though she lost 17lbs and became the fastest woman to lose 100lbs. on the show.

Oh the tears!

I am not sure why they thought it was necessary to throw off two contestants, but it certainly pushed the contestants hard. I was surprised at the amount of weight loss by a lot of players, like Liz for example, and I guess they have to keep everyone motivated and in a constant state of fear!

I will say that I am getting kind of tired of watching these "pop" challenges. How long can you watch someone scoop up money and put it in an container, duck underneath a barrier or grab tennis balls off a velcroed wall? I think the reason I am so over it, is that every time I see Danny on Brown do things like this his shirt comes up and his incredibly large gut flaps around!

My cousin texted me after last weeks episode and wondered why there was no follow-up on Shay. We saw Daniel back home with his family and in a very awkward forced face-to-face with Dave, his partner from last season, who is still ginormous and was drinking a fountain soda. But why no Shay?

I have a few theories:

1. She totally blew up after she got home and the producers don't want us to see her.
2. She totally lost a ton more weight and it will ruin the reveal in a few weeks.
3. She is preggo
4. They ran out of time, because they insist on replaying the same thing after commercial as they did before the commercial and we will be updated this week.

I am looking forward to tonight. Tim Gunn shows up and it is makeover week! I love it when these contestants get cleaned up. The exposed stomach/sports bra look is getting tired.

Other Updates

I am signed up to run the Turkey Trot, but have been lacking on training time. I am finally feeling better after about two weeks of a cold/sinus infection. I have to get out and running a bit more this week or I won't last past the first mile. I keep visualizing the event in my head and I think this will actually help me this year because I know what to expect. I am hoping that the next week will be full of productive workouts so that I can beat my old time.

Now, if the Little Lady would only sleep better at night, perhaps I wouldn't feel so run down!!


  1. I vote that Shay has blown up again. I was also wondering why they did not show her at home.

  2. Shay was on Leno that night and on the Today Show this AM. She has lost an additional 40 lbs. So, I think the show just insists on repeat info b/c it doesn't have enough material.

    Yes, watching Leno and the Today Show are the perks of bedrest :)

  3. The Turkey Trot sounds like something only losers do to try and make themselves feel better. You are the real turkey.