Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Biggest Loser

I know that I said I wouldn't be blogging about the Biggest Loser this season, but if anybody caught Tuesday's episode please tell me you found the following things as humorous as I did:

The fact that contestants were being carted around in wheelbarrows. If you DVR'd this week, take a look back at when Cheryl from the orange team is pushed into the frame--it is classic.

Speaking of orange. . . did you see Daris (and btw. . .what kind of name is Daris?) in the helmet? Please tell me you saw him in the helmet. The guy already looks like a cross between Sideshow Bob and Chris Farley, but when you put him in an ill-fitting, double-chin strapping helmet--you are just sapping the poor kid of any sense of self-esteem. We rewound it twice, just so we could see how unbearably awkward it was, oh and laugh. Oh, how we laughed.

Speaking of helmets. . . did you see Michael in his helmet? He was wearing a white hockey-style helmet, which was different from the rest of the contestants--perhaps his head is a wee to fat? But it also made him look like a giant baby who has to wear the head helmet to prevent flat-head. Is is possible to publicly humiliate these people any more?

Good times. Good times.

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  1. All of this helmet talk conjures up memories of Baby Jesse. I wonder where he is today.