Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Guest Post from the Army. . .

Another Guest Blog from Steadman's Army. . . Enjoy!

I feel I need to chime in here to remind folks that we are still living in the golden age of Reality TV. Time to take a bite and let the sweet nectar drip down your collective chins. The first Real World really broke the mold in 1992, and I thought the depth and quality of Reality shows peaked around the Temptation Island days in 2002-2003. But I was dead wrong, and plan on punishing myself severely later for it.

At no time have we had it better than our current bounty. Wife Swap, Supernanny, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Intervention, Jersey Shore, Hoarders, Biggest Loser, Made, Super Sweet Sixteen, Project Runway, Kids Cribs, So you Think You Can Dance, Who wants to be a Hooters Girl… are you kidding me? I just want to nestle in front of the tube with my head resting in-between my boyfriends creamy thighs and watch these shows (and Street Court) all day long. DO YOU HEAR ME GOD? I am filling the DVR and calling in dead tomorrow, cause TV is the only reality I can stomach anymore. Later skaters.


  1. I think you have just scratched the surface. Who can forget the relationships made and lost on endless seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette--shows I have never watched, but with people who grace the cover of my coveted US Magazine. MTV has all but replaced videos with Reality TV. I have watched marathons of Made that have made my life richer for the experience. Richer for the experience.

  2. Who can ever forget Toni on Temptation Island and the the Love Cruise. I wish that I could quit my job and watch reality television all day long.