Thursday, January 7, 2010

Treats and Presents and Candy

Christmas came in full force to our house this year.

The Lady woke up Christmas morning telling me that she didn't hear the reindeer's bells, but was incredibly overjoyed with the dress-up clothes that Santa left her, the ballet outfit she will be wearing to her ballet classes starting next week and the candy in her stocking. (I had a small crisis moment, standing in Target on the 23rd of December at 10:30 pm, trying to figure out if I should put candy in her stocking. We never had it, but for some reason she got it in her head that she was getting the aforementioned treats, presents and candy. I settled on one piece of candy, with the hope that next year, she will forget all about it. A mom can hope right?)

Anyway, had we stayed at our house the entire day, I think that I would have been able to handle the influx of items that have come into our house. However, we headed out and what we came back with the next morning not only took over the already crowded and cluttered space we live in, but has forced me to rethink why I even bothered to buy anything for my own kids.

We left home at noon on Christmas Day, opened presents with my family at my brother's new place, had dinner with my sister-in-laws family (on lovely Christmas china, with beautiful centerpieces and an overall Holiday theme that I can only hope to replicate one day, when I actually have a house that can fit more then the four of us.) We left there around 6:30--which in Christmas Day time felt like 9:30 and headed up to my in-laws. When we finally got around to opening presents at 8:30, I knew that the car would be more then over-crowded on the way home.

Due to an ice storm, we made the decision to stay over, where I slept in the t-shirt my husband had worn the entire day, because the Christmas pj's I got had a top so sheer that I am pretty sure you could see the stretchmarks through it. The four of us slept in one room, The Lady in her new sleeping bag and the Little Lady in the crib. Can someone say Christmas Miracle? The Little Lady slept through the entire night! Thank you Baby Jesus, Santa, and the Sandman.

The only problem was that at like 7 am, my boobs were so full and hurt so much that I couldn't sleep. I just tried to lay very still so that I didn't have to move and waited for her to wake up. I then spent the rest of the day in that same t-shirt, now stained with breastmilk and still smelling like my husband, dealing with some wedding drama with his sisters, until we finally loaded up all the stuff we got and headed home.

Good times.

Three nights later we were back, dropping off the ladies and heading out to Chicago for New Years wedding, which was a lot of fun.

I just have to get through my SIL's wedding this weekend and hopefully, I can find some time to relax a little. Or at least try to focus on myself for a bit. My main goal for this year is to fit in the me time, so I don't end up like the moms on the BL, screaming in Jillian's face and 250lbs.

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