Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Biggest Loser and Other Updates

We are down to the final four. With Allan getting voted off, we are left with Rudy, Danny, Liz and Amanda. I am pretty surprised to see Liz still kicking around. Early on, I thought she would be one of the first to go. I will have to say I admire her work ethic--plus it doesn't hurt to have a team member in Danny on her side.

I am routing for Danny. I like him. He seems a little crazy-Southern and the big eyes don't help that, but anyone who not only would go on TV and show off that belly he had, but who would also publish a photo of him in the 80's with a ponytail--gets my vote. I mean, I think he is genuinually changed by this experience. He and Rudy have the best chance of winning, if they are able to drop a few more of the lbs. by the finale.

I wouldn't count out the ladies, but we will see. Tonight two are voted into the final and America gets to choose the third. I always say I am going to vote, but I never do. I am sure America will make the right decision. We will see tonight.

Where are They Now?

I have to admit, instead of packing and organizing myself for Thanksgiving and the Turkey Trot, I spent two hours watching the "Where are They Now?" BL special. I mean, it was great to see some of those past constestants. Here are a few things I noticed:

1. A lot of the black women on the show seem to get voted off early, but have not only lost weight on their own at home but have kept it off and have gotten certified in training. They have also given back to their community in positive ways.

2. Vicky is still kind of swarmy and even though she looks good, I can't be 100% happy for her.

3. Matt and Susie have cute kids and I think they are the "reality" in terms of what can happen when you go home. You gain back some of the weight, but at the same time you have to try and continue to find the time to make your health a priority. I will say--Matt you are an Ironman in my book. I mean the guy missed the cutoff by 3 minutes. I did think of him when I ran the Turkey Trot--5 miles isn't that much compared to a full Ironman.

4. Eric. Eric. Eric. I mean I know you work in a deli, but how could you let yourself fall so far? The best part about the entire interview with Bob was that it was obvious they were sitting in their recently remodeled kitchen, bought with the BL winnings. I feel bad for the guy, how embarrassing must it be to have people recognize you as the Biggest Loser when you gained back almost all the weight. 

Overall, it was well worth the two hours devoted to it. It was great to catch up with past contestants and to see who continued on the right path.

Other Updates

I ran the Turkey Trot. I didn't get too much sleep the night before and I wasn't in as good of shape as I was last year, but I ran the whole way without stopping and I finished in under an hour. Granted, it was one minute and one second under an hour, and about 4 minutes slower than last year, but for just pushing out the Little Lady 3 1/2 months earlier, I think I did pretty well.

I had to really run this race for myself and this time around I think it was more mental than anything else. My running partner was running at a faster pace then me this year, so after the first fifty yards I was on my own. I also didn't have a cheering section at the end this year. Two kids are hard to get out of the house. I did however almost puke again while crossing the finish line and this year I am not even pregnant. Hopefully, I can curb that feeling next year. 

In the race bag was a flyer for a half marathon in April. I am considering it. . . 


  1. Nice work on the turkey trot. I'm sure the running will get easier as the kids get older. Think of how strong your shoulders will be from pushing both of them.

    Regarding Matt and the Iron Man, Heather has always wanted to do one of those (she is targeting 40ish for it). I have always said a Half Ironman is enough for me. Watching Matt made me change my mind. Granted, I reserve the right to change it back, but as of now I wanted to do one.

  2. Congrats on the race Bean. Getting out there is half the battle.

    I was so glad they let Matt finish IronMan... that race is so much effort to train for and if they pulled me off the course for want of 3 minutes, I would be devastated... though I was sad for him that he didn't get to hear "Matt, you ARE and Ironman."

  3. Thanks guys. I guess once your little ladies are a bit older you can start the training for Kona. If you do it, I will certainly fly to Hawaii and meet you at the finish!

  4. He couldn't finish the Ironman? what a lazy fat ass.