Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finding Me Time or "No, those aren't fuzzy caterpillars above my eyes."

I have been lacking in me time lately.

My husband left on Friday for California. He won't be back until next Thursday. That means I am only on day 4 of this 14 day trip and I am already feeling it.

I will admit to looking forward to work today. I needed to get out of the house for a little while. Granted, we have been trying to keep busy since he left. Friday, I called my SIL and she came by and hung out with the ladies so I could run a few errands. I figured it would be easier to go food shopping alone and probably more productive. Saturday, we headed down to see the Wild Man and his sister. I had to wrestle The Lady twice into putting on her clothes, but we made it.

Sunday, my parents stopped by and I was able to get a few things out of the garage for both Christmas and the Little Lady, who until recently was just getting put in a small travel swing, or on the bottom of a play mat, with nothing to look at and nothing to entertain her, except for her mother and older sister battling over wearing clothing.

(BTW. . . the Little Lady looks like she is about to roll over. She is so close, she just has to get that bottom arm out and she will be having tummy time! Note to self: do not leave her on the couch--you do not want to bring her to the doctor's office and have to call your husband hysterically crying after she falls off. You have done this once before--no need to repeat it.)

Monday, my girlfriend came over with her newest little guy. We were very excited to meet him and were very grateful they made the trip.

As much as we have been trying to keep busy, that doesn't always mean that I have time for myself. It is kind of hard to schedule showers these days and on average I am getting one every other day. This also limits other grooming issues. For example, there is the possibility that I still have a tiny, tiny bit of toenail polish on my big toes from September--yes September.

Since the showers are a little less frequent, certain shower standards are as well. I still shampoo, condition and wash, but if I am showering every other day, then I am shaving every fourth day. I am totally convinced that I could have run the Turkey Trot seconds quicker, had I actually shaved my legs in the days leading up to it. I was running in capri running pants and was super embarrassed when I had to have the volunteers attach and detach the chip on my sneaker, not only was I exposing them to a landscape beyond stubble, it was a pale, dry, white landscape as well. Had I shaved, I might have glided into that finish line with a much lower time.

And then there are the eyebrows. Every time I look into the mirror I see two very furry, fuzzy eyebrows staring back at me. Usually, I pluck after I get a wax and am able to maintain the shape and style for a while without me looking like Bert from Sesame Street's doppelganger. I haven't quite had the time to do that lately, so it was with much pleasure that I was able to get out at lunch today and have the slate wiped clean. I feel like a new woman.

Beyond, basic hygiene there hasn't been much time just to sit back and relax either. Even though she is in her bed at pretty much the same time every night, it seems like the hours after bedtime just fly by, as opposed to the slow crawl of time between 6:30 and 8 pm, before bedtime. my problem is that once The Lady is asleep, the Little Lady, is in her prime. This kid just likes to hang out. She doesn't care that she went to bed at 9 pm last week, now that daddy is gone, she is hanging out until at least 11. And if she is hanging out then I am too, and so are my boobs, because she refuses to sleep without getting nursed first.

I have answered a lot of e-mails lately, one handed, with the Little Lady on my lap and her drool all over my pants, while watching Hoarders on A&E and trying to keep my eyes open.

All I want for Christmas is a massage and two hours at the bookstore--alone.


  1. Great call w/ Hoarders. When a woman fights to keep a container of Ricotta cheese in her fridge that expired 2 years previous, i want to be involved.

  2. For fun, and to waste time at work, I checked your posts from last December to see what wisdom you had during the 2 weeks that you are a single parent. You in fact wrote about getting your eyebrows waxed last December as well. You might want to be a bit more original in your posts. Just saying.

  3. Hey, my life is like Groundhog Day, plus last December was the last time I got my eyebrows waxed. They have just been growing exponentially since then.