Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don't Drink the Milk. Why? It's Spoiled. Pass it On.

I had to dump six ounces of breast milk in the last 12 hours. Not only did I have to dump said breast milk in order to figure out if it was good or not, I had to taste it.

Now, a drop or two of milk has landed on my hand in the past and I have tried it, but I never really tasted it.

I was worried about the milk I had in the fridge, because I had pumped it on Sunday and although you can keep it in the fridge for 5-7 days, it had been transferred twice in a cooler. I have been trying to keep up with the pumping, but have been having a hard time finding any time to actually sit down and do it. So last night, when I got to my parents house to stay over, I smelled one of the containers and it seemed okay but I wasn't sure so I tasted it. Now, I will say I took the smallest possible sip I could because if that milk had been good, I didn't want to waste one single drop. Sadly, it was not, and it tasted just like sour milk. Totally gross.

3oz. down the literal drain.

I was still worried about the other container I had, even though it had only been pumped on Tuesday, but it too had spent some time in the cooler at the office and then in transport yesterday afternoon. This morning before I left I opened it and took a sip. Not good.

Here is where I realize how much mothers love their children. I asked my mom to taste it to double check. She poured a small amount in her empty coffee cup and confirmed my initial assessment. Not good. Ugh.

Another 30z. down the drain.

Just to make sure that I knew what good breast milk tastes like, I tried the container I pumped last night. It was very sweet and definitely not sour, but instead of 9oz in the fridge, I only had 3.

Now, the Little Lady needs to eat, so obviously I left her with some formula (the travel-size 4oz samples given to you by the hospital) that my sister (the breast milk champion of the world) had given me last night, when in my attempt to leave the house, I left behind the formula I had.

Now, when I am with her the Little Lady gets her boob juice, but I would like to be able to leave her with it as well. Not only am I now stressing over the amount she gets, but I am stressing over if it is good or not. My ultimate goal would be to pump and freeze immediately. I think I foresee some power pumping in my future!


  1. A few thinngs- you are a better woman than me- I would have not tasted it. Second- I am pumping in my office right this second. Third- at least the little lady will breast feed- we have no interest at our house- the wild man is more interested than his sister who cries if faced with that alternative.

  2. One other thing- 6 oz is nothing. Remember when I had to dispose of an entire freezer of breast milk because the wild man was allergic to everything.

  3. True, but at least you had a stash. I got nothin' but an empty freezer and anxiety.