Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Lady is a Princess

I thought that the princess obsession started at age 4. Apparently it has already begun.

The Lady has gone to a princess tea party and has a Cinderella dress that she likes to dress up in on occasion. It is in fact, one of the only forms of clothing I can get her to wear. She likes to go all out, requesting both the scepter and the crown, as well as the princess shoes, which I have banned due to the fact that she can't walk in them at all.

It puzzles me why she has suddenly become so into the entire princess phenomenon (or cult--whatever word you want to use here), she really hasn't had that much exposure to it. She has never seen any of the Disney movies and with the exception of a kickball that has princesses on it and the dress, we have no princess paraphernalia.

So, the other morning when the Lady was all dressed up in her Cinderella dress crying large drops of tears that fell fast from her big eyes because she wanted to watch Cinderella, I was at a loss of what to do.

Now, I probably should have tried to calm her or distract her with her tea party set, or take her into her room and play in her kitchen with her "ingredients." However, after almost two weeks on my own and the fact that she didn't fall asleep until 10:30 pm the night before and woke up at 6:19 am, exactly two seconds after I put my head on the pillow after feeding the little Lady for about the eight-hundredth time, I grabbed the remote and prayed.

I knew that there was a Barbie channel somewhere. I found it, but couldn't figure out how to actually see any programs. I also quickly realized that a princess obsession was one thing, but I am not ready for Barbie yet!

Next stop, Disney on Demand. I thought this was a Disney movie channel, in reality it was just a channel with videos on all the stuff you can do at Disney. I clicked on the minute video about a little girl going to Cinderella's castle, where she got all dressed up and had her hair and make-up done. After watching this twice, the Lady turned to me and told me she wanted make-up "on her face and mouth." Click.

Besides Cinderella, the Lady kept asking about Tinkerbell. She had seen a Tinkerbell movie over Thanksgiving with her cousin, but I hadn't seen or heard anything about it since then. Oh--iO Video on Demand--please give me something.

And then there it was. Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure, in HD no less for only $4.95. Play. And then three hours later, play--again.

So, now we have been talking about Tinkerbell for the last few days, and Santa may be bringing a Tinkerbell princess dress, but I am going to try to keep the whole princess thing to a minimum if I can. I am all for imagination and dress-up, and I think we all want our children to believe in whimsy and a happy ending until the harsh reality of real life actually sets in, but I am not buying anymore of the matching shoes.

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