Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Biggest Loser

We made it to the finale! 

Check out photos here. 

Oh, the drama, the tears, the twists and turns, engagements, endorsements, oh my!

Well Danny C. is our new Biggest Loser. That guy looks amazing. Truthfully,  I think it was a toss up between him and Rudy but I am glad to see that all the finalists look fantastic.

I will say in a small moment of self-pity, I kind of got pissed that Tracey weighs less than I do--at the moment--anyone else think she looked a little juiced up? I think she looked a little juiced up. I was also glad that she didn't take home the $100.000.00 and I think so were the other contestants. 

Rebecca was the at-home winner and when she first walked out I had no idea who she was. The blond, short hair was a little severe, and even though she did look great, the silver skirt was way too short. I also wasn't a big fan of her shaking and crying act. She is a little drama. I was surprised they didn't make mention of her relationship with Daniel--although, I don't know for how much longer she is going to keep him around. He isn't quite there yet with the weight and she looks really good.

Speaking of romance. . . an engagement? An engagement on National TV, while you are wearing a BL tank top and spandex? Super romantic. I do feel happy for Antoine and Alexandra, but she is only 20. That is a pretty big commitment. It did look like their two moms were happy though, they were hugging each other in the aisle. The Biggest Loser has provided love connections before, maybe this is just another love story to be told. We will see, hopefully they won't end up divorced and at 300lbs in the next five years.

There were so many contestants that looked great. Abby, Coach Mo and Allan were a few of my favorites. I will say I felt bad for Liz. She worked really hard to get to the final and was voted off by America. She would have been my vote--had I bothered to vote and  I hope the best for her. 

Ok, lets talk about Shay. If someone paid me 1,000 for every pound I lost, I am pretty sure I could find the time to run my ass off every day. Hey Subway, let me know, I will be willing to shill for you anytime. Just write the check and I will post my progress and let you know how much I enjoy eating your Veggie Delites and small bags of pre-cut apples. I think we could have a really great relationship!

I am glad for Shay, she definitely needs to drop at least another 100-150 lbs. and this is the incentive she needs to continue her journey. I hope that come May, she is writing herself a check for over $100,000.00, and I wish her well.

Since the finale is live, there are always those weird moments where Allison is trying to fill the time, or rush a contestant along, or just says something that doesn't work, like when she tried to get Abbey to scream out that she weighed 147lbs. and Abbey totally didn't hear her. I also thought that the side-by-side hologram of the finalists walking out with their old self was kind of weird. When Rudy gave it an ass slap, I almost turned the channel.

Well, one more season down. I love me a finale. Hopefully, I can reach my own goals by the end of next season. Stay tuned. . . 

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