Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mom Moment of the Day: The Ladies Get Their Hair Did

In her 4.5 years of life, the Lady has never had a haircut. Granted, one time she took a scissor to her head and cut a bit off the top, but that was only once.

Every time I brought it up she would say that she was scared of going. Quite honestly, I didn't want to have to calm a crying child in a car chair or worse yet, leave a salon with half cut hair. If the Lady doesn't want to do something, she really doesn't want to do something.

So I avoided it. Once she finally started to allow me to put her hair up, it really wasn't that big of deal. Did her hair fall so low down her back it touched the top of her butt? Yes. But she didn't care. Besides those little blond wisps at the very end had been on her head since the day she was born and part of me didn't really want to sever that last connection, especially now that I see her growing into such a big girl.
In the chair waiting for the first cut.

The hair in the toilet incident kind of changed my perspective on getting haircuts. That, and the fact that all my children sweat profusely from the head. It is kind of gross. So when I mentioned getting a haircut to the Lady and she said yes without any issue or backlash. I decided we should go for it.

Now, I had thought about bringing her to an actual salon where she could feel like a real Lady and maybe get her nails done too. But I thought that might be a little extreme and probably kind of expensive. I looked into those hair studios for kids, but they too were a bit expensive too and let's be honest it wasn't like I was bringing an 18-month-old in for its first haircut, I didn't need her to sit in a festive chair or get a certificate that would never even see the inside of her baby book and would probably be covered with stickers in a matter of days and I would have to throw out in the cover of darkness to cut down on the clutter in the house.
First cut

So, I took her and the Little Lady to Supercuts. It was anything but "super."

Granted the haircut looked great and even the Little Lady ended up getting a trim so tiny it was barely worth it (but hey---she was happy and still wearing her full on ballet recital costume), but I did kind of second guess my decision not to take them to some "Kids Kuts" or "Silly Snips" or some other equally ridiculous named hair salon that I just made up.

The Little Lady wasn't quite sure what to make of it
Maybe it was the hairdressers lack of enthusiasm that this was the Lady's first haircut. She is 4.5 years old! I mean would it have killed her to try and make it special? OK, OK, I know I was only paying 15 bucks for the haircut but did she have to complain about me taking flash photography? These are memories people! Memories! Gosh, and a lollipop at the end would have been nice. Do they still do lollipops in salons? I have gotten my haircut a grand total of two times since I got pregnant with QT. Once was at a local hairdresser training school for $11 and the other time was at a 5-star hotel spa. Neither place had lollies.

The finished project

Much healthier and much shorter
I guess at the end of the day the Lady was happy. Her hair looks much healthier and even the Little Lady's had some extra bounce. I probably won't wait another 4.5 years to get it cut again but I pretty sure we won't be going back to "Supercuts." "Silly Snips" here we come. . .

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