Friday, May 25, 2012

Fat Ass Friday: Seven Minutes in Heaven

I have been working really hard to get my ass into the gym. I like to go around 1-1:30, when the lunch crowd has passed and it is just me and a few retirees working out.

I will admit that it makes me feel a little bit better about myself knowing that I am blowing by these old guys on the treadmill. I mean last week I saw a guy on the rowing machine with his eyes closed, for like an extended period of time. I crewed in college (for a semester--it was super early in the morning) and what this guy was doing could barely be considered rowing, but hey he seemed to be multitasking and who am I to judge?

I have been trying to build up my running time. I have experienced a runners high but yesterday was just a sucky run. The last seven minutes was less than heavenly. In fact it was much like the Junior High version of Seven Minutes in Heaven, you know, sweaty, uncomfortable and incredibly unsatisfying.

The one good thing about yesterday's workout was that the TV was showing "Pretty in Pink." I am kicking myself that my husband and I never recreated Andy and Blaine's first kiss. You know when they are embraced in silhouette, back lit by Blaine's BMW? I had an old beemer in college, it could have been beautiful. 

I will say that I am happy that my endurance is building. I am considering taking part in some Navy Seal workout program they are running out of the fitness center, but the only pull-ups I have been exposed to lately were covered in Princesses and worn by the Little Lady. I will keep you updated.

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