Monday, May 7, 2012

Mom Moments: As Overheard. . .

Sometimes kids say weird things. I often wonder what goes on inside their little heads.

I am defining this a "mom moment" because I am pretty sure you wouldn't be hearing a conversation like this outside the realm of parenthood.

As overheard, Friday night:

Little Lady: I'm scared
Exasperated Husband: What are you scared of?
LL: incoherent whining
EH: Don't say Johnny Depp. Don't say Johnny Depp.

(Thank you movie marketers who decided to erect a billboard for Johnny Depp's new movie "Dark Shadows" right near our house. You have penetrated the dreams and thoughts of a very sensitive two-and-a-half year old, who will just randomly come up to you in the middle of the day and say: "Why did Johnny Depp eat someone?" Thank you also television advertising, clearly we are not quick enough with the remote)

LL: more incoherent whining
EH: Johnny Depp is a nice man, he is a very nice man, he is just wearing makeup for pretend. We like Johnny Depp (Momma sure does!) Please go to sleep. . .

In the last week and a half, I have googled Johnny Depp numerous times to show the Little Lady "normal" looking photos of him (actually a lot harder than you think--Edward Scissorhands? Mad Hatter? Captain Jack? Tonto? these are things nightmares are made of) and every time I do, she just asks to once again see the photo of him in full vampire regalia.

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