Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Best Show Ever

Two hours of pure heaven. Did you see the amount of weight those people lost in the first week? If I could just drop 17lbs this week, I think I would be pretty set. Anyway, the newest season of the Biggest Loser kicked off last night and I love the family aspect. It is amazing to see how easy it is to enable each other. I have a soft spot for Jerry and Coleen (the yellow team) and I am routing for them. I was super glad to see them get the immunity. I also have a soft spot for all teams from Boston. I think it is the accent. Even though I hate the Red Sox and the Patriots, I like the city of Boston and have had plenty memorable (and total blackout) experiences there. I just admire the work ethic (case in point the black team last season) and that inspires me. Plus, the Grey team has a ton of weight to lose.

There were a few whiners last night. Vicky on the Brown Team kind of got on my nerves as did Ed from Orange. That guy is only 31. Yikes. Very frighting to see the internal age of some of those contestants. Tom Jr. from the grey team is like 23 years old on the inside he is like 49. The worst part had to be when Heba on Orange puked into the bucket. (See my reference to a quick gag reflex in the previous post).

I have only two complaints about the show. One, is that they always recap the last 30 seconds or so when they get back from commercial break. I am a devoted viewer, I have already seen that--get on with it please! Tivo comes in handy at these times. Two, is the fact that they make the female contestants march into the weigh-in wearing only their sports bras. It is disconcerting to say the least. Why can't they wear their t-shirt and then just take it off when they get on the scale like the guys do? I won't even walk around my house with just a sports bra on, let alone march in front of a television audience with the outline of my nipples exposed and my stretch marks hanging out. I know that they have to leave all modesty at the door but come on can someone toss those ladies a tank top or something?

Green Team was my pick for the most motivated but since I have no real favorites yet, it could have been any team and I would have been fine with it. They do look like they are working towards their goals, it will be interesting to see them on the final show. Looking forward to week two. It is notorious for low numbers.

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