Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

I spent the last day of summer outside. I took the lady on a long walk with my sister and my nephew (who will here forth be referred to as the "wild man" for his crazy amount of hair).

I will miss the warm nights and the way the light stretches its way through the evenings. I will miss the beach (but not changing sandy, dirty diapers there) and the way a cool shower feels after a long day in the sand. I will miss my iced coffees when the days turn too cold and the grey of another winter sets in. But I love the Fall.

The past week or so has been beautiful in New England. A mix of an Indian summer with the first few cool mornings of Fall. My morning walk to Dunkin Donuts has left me refreshed and energized rather then panting and sweaty. I have seen pumpkins at the grocery stores and felt the need to bite into a crisp new apple. Although, I think mid-August was a bit too soon to start laying out the Halloween gear, I am looking forward to it and vow to not hang my Halloween welcome sign until October 1st.

I have always felt that Fall should be the time of new resolutions. Forget New Year's where the cold of December 31st is the same as January 1. You should be able to feel change in the air, watch as the leaves go from green to gold to gone, and start there. So start dancing, or walking, or reading. Start laughing more, spend more time outside with the kids, take advantage of the crisp afternoons, the late afternoon sunshine. Go pick apples and carve pumpkins all before the sun sets sooner, the air gets cooler and the Holidays sneak up on us again.

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