Monday, September 15, 2008

Not my Fantasy of Football

It started again. I should have known when my husband brought home intricate excel spreadsheets color coordinated that took up a little too much of his time. At first I thought he was just getting organized for work trying to prepare accordingly for all his upcoming events. But then I realized that he never thinks more then a day or two ahead and for the past two years has left the house on the day of my birthday or our anniversary in the most obvious way to go get my gift. This had to be one thing and one thing only: Fantasy Football.

I love football. I have two teams I root for (Go Irish! Go Big Blue!) and that is it. I don't mind watching one game on Saturday and one on Sunday (or Monday night) because I root for my team. Those with the fantasy football addiction cannot comprehend a one game Sunday. My husband not only watches every game he can on TV, he follows the other games online. How does he find the time for twelve hours of football on Sundays? Doesn't he have some other things to do around the house? Doesn't he want to hang out with the fam? All good questions my careful reader, all good questions. We try to do family time on Sunday. We will go to one of our parents houses or my siblings and after a few minutes I realize that my husband is missing. He is gone. At first I thought maybe he was having some tummy trouble, then I realized he was disappearing into whatever office/computer space our hosts had and accessing his team online. I gently remind him (for like the third time) that he can't make any changes to his team. He stands hunched over the computer complaining about how he left "30 points on the bench" and pondering his faulty coaching techniques.

Can I reiterate that this is a fantasy team? Like, it doesn't really exist. I also understand that you can win this "league" and take home some money, but until fantasy football starts paying the mortgage I can't imagine how important it can really be. Now, I have an addiction to US magazine, but it takes me 20 minutes to read it each week. I also like TV shows and even if I started my own fantasy league with players from The Biggest Loser (it starts tomorrow people!!!!), Top Chef and Project Runway, I can't imagine that it would take up as much time and energy as it does for those sucked into the fantasy void. I mean my husband went to a draft for three and a half hours to pick his team and it was on a work night. He didn't get home until 1:15 in the morning. I rolled over in bed, hoping he got a cute quarterback so at least he wasn't the only one fantasizing about football that night.

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