Friday, September 26, 2008

Closet Crisis

No everyone, I am not talking about the shocking outing of Clay Aiken, but the literal crisis in my own bedroom closet.

Yesterday I wore a pair of jeans. These are the same jeans I wore pre-pregnancy, and although the size on the tag indicates I am back in pre-preggo form, the stretch in the ass does not. They fit, which in itself is a minor miracle considering I have absolutely nothing to wear. For the past four months I have been wearing a combination of two pairs of Gap Body capri black yoga pants with one of three shirts from Target, all the same shirt, just different colors. This combination has been modified only by the inclusion of two pairs of capri cargo pants (with an elastic waist and tie) from Gap Body and one brown peasant skirt. It has gotten colder here and the thought of wearing my three pairs of long yoga pants with varying hoodies for the entire winter, like I did last year, is starting to hurt my heart.

I do have a closet full of clothes. They just don't quite fit yet. Although I am taking the steps necessary to get these clothes back on my body, it is still going to take some time. I don't want to buy bigger and don't want to spend the money on buying bigger, but I also don't want to look like a slob everyday. I have watched enough What Not to Wear to recognize myself in those women. I want to be comfortable but I also want cute shoes. I have decided for the babe's b-day party that I am actually going to wear clothes purchased in 2008, even if that means buying jeans that I will hopefully have to belt in the upcoming months. I am also hoping to buy pants that actually button. Yesterday, every time I went to the bathroom, I automatically tried to pull down the jeans without unbuttoning them. Between maternity pants and the yoga/elastic pants I haven't unbuttoned a pair of pants in almost two years.

Speaking of closet crisis, you should have seen what the Lady wore today. She is wearing 18 month stuff and her drawers are filled with the most adorable summer dresses and short sleeve shirts, unfortunately she doesn't have much for the fall. All the long pants and sweatshirts she owns were in the laundry and we needed to go out. I did find a pair of light green play pants that would have been perfect if I could actually find a top that matched. These instead got paired with a little t-shirt covered by a pink and white camouflaged sweatshirt that was size 6-12 months. Needless to say the babe's belly was on full view. To top it off I put on the only pair of socks I could find, a pair of purple Trumpette golf socks. This baby has not worn socks since May and spends every opportunity she can trying to pull them off her feet. Needless to say we were a sight to be seen in Party City. Schleppy momma and her belly baring babe.

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