Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Biggest Loser and Other Updates

Vicky you're a huge bitch
huge bitch, huge bitch.
Vicky you're a huge bitch
I hate you.

That is my song for Vicky on the Brown team. Did you see her smirk when she realized that Yellow had fallen below the yellow line? I mean really, try to have a little respect you lost a mere 3lbs this week. And then she had the audacity to say that if Brown fell below the yellow line that Brady would go home because it was her "idea to come on the show."

Repeat refrain above.

I was so sad to see Jerry go. That guy was in need of some serious help. I was unaware you could pull a hamstring by sleeping in a tent at the Grand Canyon and doing no exercise at all but. . . he is a big guy. The after shots of him did give me hope and I wish nothing for the best for him.

Was anyone else wondering why the rules changed though? I mean all of a sudden only one person goes home? It seems a bit contrived. It was pretty obvious that Jerry wasn't losing any weight this week, did they come up with a plan so that Coleen, who my husband says "looks like she swallowed Reese Witherspoon," could stay?

We will see what happens next week. Still routing for Red. Still hoping they stop asking Heba to speak and still singing my Vicky is a bitch song.

Other Updates

So I have been pretty good about the food journal. I am basically keeping to a Weight Watcher's type point system. This is something that has worked for me in the past and I don't feel like I am limiting myself or denying myself. In fact last night I ate some peanut M&M's and they were delicious. This was after I went to the gym. I have started to train for a 5k. I figure JLo did a triathlon and then flew across the country to party with her husband for his b-day. Granted she has trainers, cooks and I am assuming nannies for her twins, but she is still a mom and if she can do something like that, I am pretty sure I can run a little over 3 miles. Did I mention I hate running?

The first week isn't really that hard. It is a combination walk/run where you only run for like 8 minutes but it isn't even in a row. I have done this twice this week and I feel a little stronger. I am not sure how it will go when I actually have to run multiple minutes one after another, but hopefully if I follow the plan I will reach my goals. I do feel a lot of jiggling coming from my backside. Also my pooch in front needs to be treated with spandex. I will keep you updated. . .

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