Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! This is our pumpkin. My husband did a good job carving. I, of course, had to clean the whole thing out. I did make toasted pumpkin seeds though and they are pretty tasty.

The Lady as a fairy. She forgot her wand at my husband's office so this isn't the full picture. I decided to forgo the crown, due to the fact that it would last a good three seconds on her head.

The Wild Man as a puppy.

The Lady.

If anybody wants to send some photos of their kids (or themselves) in their Halloween outfits, I would love to post them.

Just e-mail me the attachment at, please provide a pseudonym for privacy or I will be forced to make one up.
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  1. Very Cute!
    Great job on the costume!
    Happy Halloween - here's to a good weekend and a better week starting Monday!

  2. Thanks--she actually kept it on for a while. I hope the girls had a good time trick or treating!

  3. Yes, very cute. I like that the Lady was the one that forgot the wand...very irresponsible of her.

  4. It was totally my fault that she left that office wandless, but her father could have remembered to bring it home later that day. No worries though I think she did fine without it.